Ten step film production

The Film Unit provides a full service covering every aspect of film and video production. You can trust us to project manage your complete production, from conception to delivery. Or simply hire us for support at any step along the way.

We will involve you at every level of production to ensure complete transparency. We encourage you to monitor and evaluate every aspect of our performance.

  1. Identifying your needs

    Our initial consultation is free of charge. Together we will explore your target audience, messages and objectives to create a detailed, fully costed brief for a film that matches your style, expectations and budget.

  2. Research and development

    Our experienced production team will research and fact-check, draft an outline for your approval, then develop a treatment that covers all your aims and objectives.

  3. Scriptwriting and Storyboarding

    The script is the backbone of every film, whether it’s a fully dramatised training scenario, a dialogue script for an interview, or a shooting script for a factual information film. We work with the most talented and experienced freelance writers and artists to develop vibrant scripts and storyboards that bring your film to life.

  4. Production scheduling

    We develop detailed, fully costed schedules covering filming, editing and delivery, that include landmark dates and achievements for ongoing evaluation and quality control. We also take care of all the practicalities such as permits, disclaimers and booking locations and presenters.

  5. Hiring the cast and crew

    With our solid track record of managing productions in the UK and overseas we will handpick a team of talented freelance crew, presenters, actors and performers to make the best possible film for your budget.

  6. Production

    We actively encourage clients to join us while filming on location or in the studio to watch your film come alive.

  7. Post production and editing

    We work with talented film editors from a range of backgrounds to create a “rough cut” of the film for your approval before delivering the final polished version.

  8. Graphics

    Our team works with graphic artists to create titles, graphics and subtitles to add the finishing touches to your production.

  9. Music and Voiceover

    To create the perfect soundscape for your production we will find the right ‘voice’, commission specially composed music and get clearance to use pre-recorded tracks.

  10. Delivery

    From bulk duplication of DVDs or Blu-ray discs, to online formats and vodcasts, our technical team will deliver your film in whatever format you specify, and if necessary can provide artwork and packaging.