Fiona Healy Connelly


Fiona Connelly

Before co-founding the Film Unit in 2007, Fiona was head of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) Film and TV unit where she produced films for the FCO, central Government departments, public sector organisations and charities. Her productions have covered a wide variety of topics including current affairs, arts, culture and science, and have appealed to both international and domestic audiences. This has proved invaluable experience in targeting diverse or hard to reach audiences.

Fiona has not only worked for the BBC and some of the best independent production companies during her career, but her corporate clients have included Marks & Spencer, British Rail and Tesco. She also worked on award winning films including ‘If Only We All Played Cricket’ (IVCA Grand Prix Award Winner) and ‘AIDS: Truth or Dare’ (requested by the Johns Hopkins University to be used in perpetuity as a learning resource in their research library).


Photography by Hermione Hodgson